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  • Academy/Training

  • Events (e.g Talkfest - Music Fest Summit; Iberian Festival Awards; ENECE - Encontro Nacional Estudantes Cultura e Eventos)

  • Information (e.g. database; papers; legislation)

  • Awards

  • Advertising

  • Networking

  • Legal support

  • Internationalization

  • Consulting

  • Business

  • Job & Mentoring

  • Partnerships & Protocols

  • Investigation

  • Funding & Applications (e.g Social Fund)

  • Ticketing

  • Financing Calendar

  • Virtual Office

  • Translation (EN or ES to PT)

  • Collective Actions (e.g. B2C, B2B)

  • Lobbying & Advocacy


APORFEST seeks to uphold the interests and rights of all Associates, in a national and international level and to contribute to the development and professionalization of the field of music festivals in Portugal | Promote contact, provide information, boost training and research | Support strategically all interested in music festivals.


APORFEST wants to be a representative organization of the field of music festivals in Portugal and internationally that protects, supports, develops and contributes to the positive development of the industry.


  • Represent the music festival sector;

  • Help establishing a quick point of contact between the players (national and international) in the area of festivals;

  • Defend the interests of all associates before municipal interests, government and legal bodies;

  • Create content that can be used to improve knowledge and create generational talent that will optimize this area in a technical and functional level;

  • Provide services of consulting and strategic support in the area;

  • Promote and support research;

  • Promote employability, by finding new talents in the field of music festivals that meets the interests of those who are looking for employees


  • 309 music festivals occurred in Portugal

  • More than 2,6 millions of people attended this events

  • Festival Goers usually spent 15-25€ per day in the festivals

  • 43% of the public has the age of 17 to 24 years old

For further information please contact us through the email aporfest[at] or (+351) 217 904 720

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